Sustainable Procurement Tools

Pre-contract notification

It is good practice to notify bidders of any particular contract performance requirements or any essential award criteria early in the process.

This can be done by including details in the contract notice or a prior information notice, so that they can take an early view on whether they can satisfy the requirements. These can be included at section V1.3 Additional Information of the Contract Notice. Below are examples of wording that can be used for this purpose:

‘The Contracting Authority has included obligations within the specification and contract conditions relating to the sustainability of materials used and the application of relevant circular economy outcomes, which are relevant to the products/services to be delivered.’

‘The Contracting Authority has included obligations within the specification and contract conditions relating to sustainability matters including use of recycled aggregates, materials or building products which are relevant to the service to be delivered.’

‘It is a requirement of this contract that manufacturing and production processes are efficient in terms of the use of X material (e.g. metals/rare earth elements) and that these are recovered from products at the end of their useful life.’

‘A requirement of this contract is that all products supplied meet the mandatory level of the Government Buying Standard (GBS) for [insert product standard] for packaging materials.’

‘A requirement of this contract is that [a minimum of X% of the product or the components thereof shall be re-used or recycled at end of life] [materials used or supplied must comprise a minimum X% recycled content].’

‘A requirement of this contract is that a minimum of [X] % of total packaging weight derives from re-used and recycled content.’

‘The Contract/Framework Agreement supports the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework, and the National Outcomes which articulate the Purpose to focus on creating a more successful country with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish through increased wellbeing, and sustainable and inclusive economic growth.’ This Framework supports the following National Outcomes, and Contractors are expected to support the Authority’s aim to achieve these.' [Insert relevant National Outcomes - see above].

‘A requirement of this contract is that timber must be supplied in accordance with the UK Government’s timber procurement policy. Only timber and timber products originating either from independently verified legal and sustainable sources or from a licensed Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) partner can be supplied.’

'The contractor will be required to minimise, and where practical eliminate, the use of unsustainable materials and enable relevant circular economy outcomes in the delivery of the service, so that materials and products' useful life may be extended.'