Sustainable Procurement Tools


A contracting authority has discretion to determine what award criteria to apply but requirements must be proportionate and relevant and there must be clear methodology to evaluate responses. 

Criteria should allow objective comparison of tenders, be published in advance in procurement documents and not discriminate / favour potential contractors. 

Where the security of products or materials is relevant and proportionate the following questions may be helpful:

‘Please provide a copy of your environmental policy and highlight how it relates to the reduction in the use of materials vulnerable to supply disruption or constraint [list any particular relevant materials that are high risk] in the products and / or services which are the subject of this tender.’ 

‘Please describe your approach to environmental sustainability as part of this contract, including details of any specific steps taken in the design and manufacture of services to maximise use of sustainable and innovative materials and relevant circular economy outcomes.' 

‘Please describe how you manage your environmental impacts under this contract detailing any environmental good practice systems, including ISO 14001, or EMAS, or equivalent which form part of your business practice.' 

‘Please provide a copy of your environmental policy and highlight how it relates to contributing to the transition to a circular economy, including through use of sustainable materials, in the delivery of the products and / or services under this contract.’ 

‘A requirement of this contract is that a minimum of 25% of the product or the components thereof shall be re-used or remanufactured at end of life. Please describe the operational processes you have in place to achieve this’