Sustainable Procurement Tools

A contracting authority has discretion to determine what award criteria to apply but requirements must be proportionate and relevant and there must be clear methodology to evaluate responses. Criteria should allow objective comparison of tenders, be published in advance in procurement documents, and not discriminate / favour potential contractors. 


Where the health and safety is relevant and proportionate the following questions may be helpful:


‘What arrangements will you put in place to make sure that all risks to health and safety are identified and managed?’


‘What arrangements will you have for managing the work? For example, who will be responsible, how will the work be supervised, what checks do you make on equipment and materials, and so on?’


‘How will you improve the health and safety of your employees, the authority’s staff and the public who will reasonably be in the vicinity of the works operation?  


‘Please identify any health risks, such as high levels of noise or exposure to harmful substances and describe how these will be managed’


‘Please describe what health improvements you intend to make during the performance of this contract through changes to equipment, products or working methods.’  


‘Please describe how health and safety risks will be reduced in the handling of the products, including any chemicals or hazardous substances required.’


‘The organisation specifically wishes to support the improvement of the health and safety of its employees and contractors, please describe how you will contribute to this aim including reducing the risks within this contract.‘