Sustainable Procurement Tools


Below are some examples of wording that could be used as award criteria where there may be concerns regarding the use of conflict minerals in the supply chain.

Award criteria must be proportionate and relevant to the subject matter of the contract, and there must be a clear methodology to evaluate responses.

Where services are being procured care must be taken to ensure that requirements placed on bidders are both relevant and proportionate. In terms of materials used a bidder may have responsibility for the manufacture of materials or at least how they are installed.

Where the sustainability of materials is both relevant and proportionate the following questions may be helpful:

‘Please provide evidence of your capability to minimise, or eliminate, the use of conflict minerals within products supplied as part of this tender. This can be  demonstrated through a comprehensive policy, systems and processes, which may reflect the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, or membership of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) or equivalent.’

‘Please provide a copy of your Environmental Policy and highlight how it relates to the minimisation and elimination of conflict minerals in products supplied as part of this tender.’

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