Sustainable Procurement Tools

These tools have been designed to help public sector organisations identify and address how they can optimise the economic, social and environmental outcomes of their procurement activity. To access the tools please login or register. For help to register and login, please see the Register and login user guide or video.

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Flexible framework assessment tool

The flexible framework assessment tool is used to assess current level of performance and the actions required to embed good procurement practice to realise intended sustainable outcomes.

Prioritisation tool

The prioritisation tool is designed to assist early stage strategic planning, and brings a standard, structured approach to the assessment of spend categories.

Life cycle impact mapping

Every product and service has a 'life cycle' or number of stages it goes through: obtaining raw materials; manufacturing and logistics; use of products or works and the delivery of services; re-use/re-manufacture and final disposal. Life cycle impact mapping (LCIM) is used to identify and assess the social and environmental impacts of these stages. 

Life cycle impact mapping (LCIM) is designed to be a gateway into the sustainability test assessment. It is recommended that users complete LCIM before undertaking sustainability test. LCIM is located within the sustainability test tool.

Sustainability test

The sustainability test is designed to help embed relevant and proportionate sustainability requirements in the development of frameworks and contracts. It can be used in isolation or by reference to the results of prioritisation assessment, where undertaken.

It is recommended that users complete Life cycle impact mapping as an 'easy way' into the sustainability test assessment.


Sustainable procurement related eLearning developed for the public sector in Scotland.

Sustainable Procurement Guidance

This guidance supports the sustainable procurement duty tools to help public sector organisations embed sustainability into their procurement processes.

Case Studies and other resources

Case studies provided by colleagues in the public sector.